Why Do Professional Services Face Extra Hurdle Profiting from China?

Foreign professional service firms such as legal services, tax, consulting, accounting, public relations and human resource training have often found China is a peculiar market place.  Confident with the quality services and superior expertise they possess, many companies have gone to China expecting to gain a nice profit from the high growth economy.  …

Doing Business in China - How Far Do You Go to Localize?

Walking into an Ikea store in China may possibly have those familiar with a typical Ikea store in the west wonder if they've walked into a movie set of sorts.  Nearly every piece of furniture that demonstrates the comfort of sitting or sleeping is occupied, by real customers, taking a real rest, just like they would at home.  …

Challenges and Opportunities for Chinese Students in the U.S.

An increasing number of students from China are now studying in the U.S.  According to a recent State Department study, 235,000 Chinese students are now in the U.S., a 21% increase.  While the majority of them are bound for colleges, a growing number are enrolling in high schools.  The main driver behind this trend lies in cash-rich Chinese parents eager to give their children quality western education.   …

How to "Deliver the Bad News" without Offending the Chinese

One of the most common questions I have been asked by western senior executives is: how do I communicate my concerns (and sometimes dissatisfactions) without offending the Chinese?  Communication is an art rather than science, and this is particularly true when it comes to the Chinese. As a high-context culture, the Chinese are generally indirect, non-confrontational and highly value "face". …

Unique Challenges Small Foreign Businesses Face in China

For small foreign businesses, the allure of China as a market and a still relatively attractive low-cost manufacturer can be worth the adventure.  Small businesses face many of the common issues large businesses deal with.  But there are a few issues that particularly challenge small businesses doing business in China. 

What Can the Aging of China Mean for Your Business?

In China, there are 128 million elderly people today (one in 10 people).  By 2050, the number is projected to be 400 million.  The aging of China presents a large number of social, economical and personal challenges to the nation and its population as a whole.  And just about everyone I know of my generation in China are struggling to find an ideal solution to take care of our aging parents.

What Can China's First Lady Tell Us?

The first lady of China, Peng Liyuan, set off a frenzy of sorts in China as she accompanies her husband on a diplomatic tour in Africa.  She dazzled the population domestic and abroad with her fashionable modern attires, her confidence, elegance and beauty - a sharp contrast to her predecessors.  Even western media caught the sensation and compares her to Michelle Obama.

The Paradox of China - Relationship and Change

A U.S.-based multinational technology company decided to select a Chinese company as one of its primary suppliers.  The company was impressed by the technical and quality capabilities demonstrated by the Chinese supplier.  Furthermore, it was drawn to the vision and desire expressed by the most senior leadership of the Chinese company that the partnership would be for "long-term" and would be "strategic".   …

How Chinese Companies Can Better Utilize Local Talents in Global Markets

In working with a leading Chinese global company, I asked a general manager what his biggest challenge was.  "Knowing whom to trust", he said.  Such sentiments are not uncommon among Chinese managers dealing with North American markets.  When it comes managing and dealing with people, what works in China does not translate into the same results in markets like the U.S.

Gaps and Promises of Chinese Talents Leading Multinational Corporations

China became the largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment in the world this year despite the slower pace of economic growth.  Along with it, the demands for talented professionals increase as well, from sales and marketing, human resources to research and development.

In order to better balance cost, experience and local market knowledge, multinational corporations (MNC) are making strides to identify, train and promote local Chinese talents to serve the China market. …

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