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Once Made in the U.S. Jobs Trickle Back to the U.S.

Some U.S. businesses are bringing their jobs back to the U.S. from China.  This is a welcome change to the fledging U.S. manufacturing industry, and many hope it is a long-term trend.  So far, however, numbers suggest the absolute new jobs created this way in the U.S. is still a drop in the ocean. 

Dragon Baby Too Lucky to Leave to Chances

What does every aspiring dragon mother want? A dragon baby. In the year of the dragon, some Chinese and Chinese-Americans are so committed to welcoming a child this year that they are getting fertility treatments to boost their chances.  

Unleashing Innovation in China

China has had an image that it is a technology "copy cat" rather than an innovator. This is changing, especially in certain industries where the government sees that domestic consumption will be the growth engine for the future.  

As China’s Income Gap Grows, Tombs Are a Target

As China's economic boom lifts people's standard of living, the disparity between the rich and the poor also widens. According to the world bank, China's income inequality is now on par with some Latin American and African countries. In a society where huge income inequality is only a recent phenomenon, any display of such difference creates imbalance, anger and potentially social unrest. The government is taking measures to limit the public display of such inequality. 

Taoism Goes High Tech

Over the Lunar New Year weekend Vivian Choi made her annual visit to Wong Tai Sin, one of Hong Kong’s largest Taoist temples, to ask for blessings in the new year. But instead of burning dozens of incense sticks in the age-old Taoist tradition, Ms. Choi slipped a written prayer into a small box. An electronic deity statue then lit up and blew artificial smoke, signaling the acceptance of the offering.  

So a Chinese Guy Walks into a Bar, and says He's Irish - Get it?

A successful Chinese American comedian who wowed audiences in the United States (including Vice President Joe Biden) gets no laughs in China for his jokes. The Chinese audience simply did not find his jokes funny.  

Improved Cross-Cultural Communication Increases Global Sourcing Productivity, Accenture Study Finds

The study found that executives believe adopting cross-cultural communication training programs can increase productivity by 26 percent, on average. Two thirds of all respondents said they had experienced miscommunication issues within their global operations.  

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