Developing Local Talents for Future Leadership

Author: Joy Huang

China Business Review, January 2013 Issue

As more multinational corporations look to promote local hires to top posts in China, companies will have to step up their employee leadership development programs 

Successful Product Development with China

Author: Joy Huang

Inside Supply Management, June / July, 2012 Issue

Working with Chinese suppliers brings a range of challenges, but careful planning and ongoing communication can build long-lasting collaborations. 

How Can Chinese Companies Succeed in the U.S. 

Author: Joy Huang

Interviews with 30 senior executives in U.S. and Chinese companies were conducted to gather feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese companies going global, and what they need to do to succeed in the U.S. The final research report includes 12 pages of data, revealing examples and to-the-point analysis and recommendations.  

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