We provide trainining, coaching and consulting to help western and Chinese organizations achieve their objectives in each other's markets. We believe in a personalized approach to address each organization's unique challenges.  We listen, challenge and collaborate with you all the way. 

1. In-Take 

Before the program begins, we conduct intake surveys and interviews with key stakeholders in your organization. This helps us fully understand the challenges you face and the desired outcome.

2. Customize

Based on your objectives and the audience background, we customize materials and methods to prepare for delivery to your audience.

3.  Deliver

Training, coaching or consulting are conducted in person, and in some instances, via video conferencing and webinars.  Sessions are conducted on one-on-one basis or in group settings.  Session lengths and delivery methods are determined based on client's needs.  

4. Evaluate

After each session, we review your evaluation of the project, measure results and design continuous improvement for future sessions.

Key Topics:

Foundations of Working with China

Joint Product Development with China

China Supplier Relations Management

Negotiate with China

Cross-Cultural Teams with China

Chinese Companies Going Global

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