Chinese Companies Going Global

The wheels are turning.  Flush with financial resources and ambitions to become world-class brand names, Chinese companies are expanding globally into developed markets like the U.S.  Just like western companies first entered China decades ago, Chinese companies face similar learning curves understanding the new markets and adapt their strategies to win and retain business.  

Examples abound that Chinese companies that are hugely successful domestically and in other developing markets find themselves run into roadblocks in the highly competitive U.S. market.  Recognizing the differences and adapting new strategies and practices accordingly is the key to success.  Essential questions to managers working in such environment are: 

  • What are the expectations of U.S. customers and partners of China and how to meet these expectations
  • How do U.S. businesses make decisions on partnerships and sales and what you can do to influence them
  • What business development approaches work best in the U.S. - is relationship alone enough?
  • What do U.S. employees want and how to attract and retain top talents and create loyalty


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