Cross - Cultural Teams


Managing Team Work in U.S.-China Cross-Cultural Teams <Read>

Western multinationals expanding into China wrestle with one of the biggest challenges that most did not expect, talent management.  Managing local talents requires understanding of the local markets and the flexibility to adapt.  Managing a cross – cultural, cross – functional team between China and the west requires intercultural communication education, establishing common goals and making collective efforts to build trust. 

With people-oriented style, the team functions much like a family where people help each other out regardless of their roles.  On the flip side, roles and responsibilities are not as clearly defined.

  • What are our respective cultural values and work styles, and how do we differ or have in common?
  • How to bridge the difference and co-adapt to each other
  • How to overcome the challenges of time zones, language barriers and experience gaps
  • What motivates Chinese team members and how best to reward and retain talents?
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