Foundations of Working with China


Understanding Chinese Trust and Mistrust <Read>

China's Generational Cultural Change <Read>

The Chinese business culture is anything but intuitive for a western – minded executive. Despite the force of globalization and increasing influence of western cultures, China remains culturally unique and sometimes diametrically opposed to the key values held in the west. Launching into a business relationship with the Chinese unprepared for this uniqueness can be a recipe for disaster. Understanding their business philosophy and practices will no doubt pay off handsomely.

China is a low-trust culture where unless you are "family", one is not to be trusted.  Couple this with a rocky political history between China and the west, the Chinese harbor an innate mistrust towards the west.

  • The key values that drive the Chinese behavior and ways of thinking
  • How your own styles compare with that of the Chinese
  • How we make decisions and resolves conflicts differently, and how to escalate and resolve issues in a culturally sensitive manner
  • How to build strong trust and relationship with your Chinese partners
  • How we differ in communication styles and how to effectively communicate with your Chinese partners
  • What are the essential Chinese business and social protocols and etiquettes that you need to know

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