Joint Product Development with China

Inside Supply Managment June / July 2012 issue.  Authored by Joy Huang.


Successful Product Development with China (part I) - Who Makes What Decisions <Read>

Successful Product Development with China (part II)- Communicate, Communicate, Communicate <Read>

Relations between western companies and their Chinese suppliers are taken to a new level.  In industries as diverse as automotive, biotechnology, medical devices, telecommunications, hi – tech and many others, Chinese suppliers are moving up the value chain by taking on the responsibility to develop more complex products in a joint effort together with the customer. 

Despite the unique challenges western companies encounter with their Chinese suppliers, many have achieved great success and are expanding their strategic relationships.  With careful planning and execution, you too can overcome the challenges and reap handsome rewards in the long term.  

The vast majority of Chinese companies are relatively new to doing joint product development with developed markets such as the U.S. Their global experiences have largely come from outside the U.S. where "business as usual" has very different meanings.

  • What are the challenges you might encounter at various stages of the product development process
  • How to ensure quality via proper planning, preventing misinterpretation and utilizing escalation paths, etc.
  • What to expect during negotiations and how to get the terms you desire
  • How to overcome communication challenges from time zones, language barriers and experience gaps 
  • What to do to protect your IP via legal, operational and relational means
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