Negotiate with China


Four Strategies to Negotiate with the Chinese <Read>

One of the biggest points of frustration western companies working with China stems from the negotiation process.  Why does it take so long to get it done?  Why are we constantly re-negotiating items that were already closed?  Who is making the ultimate decision and how to influence that? A more objective understanding of where the Chinese comes from will help you be better prepared for a winning strategy.  It will also avoid the misunderstanding and negative feelings garnered as a result of frustration.

The principle is: nothing is settled until everything is settled.  Should circumstances change, the entire deal is up for re-negotiation regardless of the contract in place.

  • What is the Chinese negotiation philosophy and style?
  • How do the Chinese perceive the western negotiation styles?
  • What is the process of negotiation and what to expect at each stage?
  • How to create a winning strategy to get what you want 
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