Free Webinar - Seven Essentials to Business Success in China

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1:00PM Eastern / 10:00AM Pacific on Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who Should Attend

Anyone seeking a better understanding of Chinese business culture as well as valuable insight for collaborating with China-based teams, partners, clients or prospects.

Knowledge Required

No specific knowledge or previous courses are required to take this webinar. 

Joy Huang, President , Connect East LLC

Michael Asquith, Vice President (Americas), EC Innovations

Jeff Christensen, Director of Global Business Development, EC Innovations


China is one of the world’s most coveted markets, and rightly so. It is home to 20% of the world’s population with 300 million upwardly mobile consumers. It recently surpassed Japan to become the world's second-largest economy and is expected to take over the number one spot within a generation. If you work in an international field and aren't already collaborating directly or indirectly with China-based personnel, you will likely be doing so soon.

This webinar introduces you to “Seven Essentials that are Key to Business Success in China”. Here’s what you can expect to learn about them.

1.  Hierarchical Culture

Learn why the Chinese value hierarchy and how it impacts business dealings with China.

2.  Guanxi (Relationship)

Learn the importance of relationships and how to forge them.

3.  Change and Flexibility

Learn how the Chinese world view differs from the West and how it impacts business transactions.

 4. Communication Styles

Learn why ‘yes’ does not always mean ‘yes’ along with tips for effective communication.

5.  Localization

Learn how translation, word choice, and Chinese pronunciation impact messaging.

6.  Selecting a Language Partner

Learn who makes a good partner and why.

7.   Cost-effective Marketing Solutions

Learn how to save costs when marketing in China without sacrificing your brand.

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